I purchased this bike in from the first owner who took exceptional care of it. I have enjoyed over 0km on it since then. I am 6-5 and the bike fits me very well. The rear tire can be lowered approx 1 inch and the seat can be lowered another inch for shorter riders. Previous owner was 5-10. Beatiful Triple engine rides the highway nicely. When in the twisties, the 955 cc's show more than enough power. This bike can handle some gravel roads. Debated on selling, but I have decided to downsize to learn off-road riding. $ OBO.
2nd Owner
955 cc Fuel Injected
0 km
Adventure/Sport Touring
New Madstad Tall Windscreen
Mirror Extenders
Triumph Explorer Tankbag
Rear Topcase
Custom duffel bag mount
Metzler Tourance Front and Rear - New at 0 km. Plenty of life left
Majority of 80k service complete.
Valves and head gasket checked/replaced at 0 km.